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“I wish this book would be irrelevant.
I wish this book would be unnecessary.
But The Unthinkable is alarmingly relevant
and desperately necessary.

I thought the words in this book would have
to reflect the ugliness of its topic.
I thought the point of view of its author would
have to be shattered and crazy.

But the author of The Unthinkable has a true gift for writing.
In fact, dare it be said, the author has written an
extraordinary book about—the Unthinkable.

The author’s perspective is, paradoxically,
both Shattered, as well as Whole.
It is therefore, in my view, genuinely Holy.

And the author is hardly crazy:
Her narration is personal, profound and gripping.
And her call to action is, in fact, a prescription for sanity.

I could not read this book.
I could not put it down.”

—Arthur Kurzweil
American Author, Educator, and Publisher


Susan Schaffer book "The Unthinkable" Life, Loss, and a Mother's Mission to Ban Illegal Guns

The Unthinkable:
Life, Loss, and a Mother's Mission to
Ban Illegal Guns

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